About Us


                      "It's When They Stop Talking You Need To Worry"


Always having a love for fashion but not always finding the right style for my desired look, body shape, and budget, led me to imagine a unique online store. Crimson Sun was created on a little dream and a lot of prayer. The concept of a trendy, affordable boutique with a touch of a free-spirit, and beachy feel.

I imagined a boutique that could embrace that not all people are the same size and shape, and that a boutique could offer more than one particular style or design concept.  I love that I can express my personality and moods through my clothing choices. There are days where comfort is key and there are times where you want a night out and feel all eyes are on you. 

Having grown up in the Midwest, but being a warm weather girl at heart, I've always had a passion for the sun and the beach. There is a warm, relaxing  feeling that comes over me when I'm near the ocean. Summer styles have always been my favorite. I love the simplicity of a cute tank and a pair of cut-off denim shorts.  I'm also a sucker for a sweet sundresses that can be dressed up or worn with flip flops, which is a staple for almost every gal. I want to be able to bring that summer feel all year round with pretty colors and fun styles.

Shopping should be a fun experience. Since I was a little girl I have been shopping with my mom, sisters and my grandma. Shopping back then wasn't as convenient as it is now (which was probably a good thing for my dad) - it was a full day out that was planned ahead, and I always got that excited feeling knowing we would hit every store looking through every rack. Lucky for me, I married someone who enjoys shopping with me and it is still such an enjoyable experience. Whether it's shopping for myself or picking out that perfect gift for someone else, shopping is a true love of mine. At our online boutique I want everyone to get as excited when new styles come out and when you find that perfectly matched outfit for that special occasion.

I hope everyone that visits Crimson Sun Boutique will feel the passion and love I have for picking out each and every piece. Our goal is to offer a wide variety of styles that can be mixed and matched together. Clothing should be able to be worn a number of different ways, and some pieces should be worn for more than one season. Having an eye for mixing patterns and textures without looking mismatched, is something I've acquired. At Crimson Sun we will show how versatile our products are and hopefully give you some new ideas and show you how to add our pieces into your current collections at home. 

Thank you for visiting Crimson Sun, we hope you enjoy shopping with us and have an wonderful experience that you will share with others. We appreciate all the continued support for our small business, and wish you a blessed day.



 ** When You Can't Find The Sunshine, Be The Sunshine**